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How Do I Choose and Use the Right Chastity Cage?

Nov 29,2023 |

How Do I Choose and Use the Right Chastity Cage

LOCKtober has arrived and that implies an entire 31 days of male chastity fun. In the event that you don't know what LOCKtober is, make a point to peruse our full aide here. It goes over all that you really want to be aware of this exceptional festival of Male Purity that happens during Wrinkle Month.

Individuals are discussing it, however what hell is male chastity, and for what reason are such countless people intrigued by it? I have the solutions for you. Male chastity is a crimp where the man or penis proprietor wears a male virtuousness gadget, otherwise called a chicken enclosure, that is locked and constrained by the vital holder or Dom/Escort. The Keyholder chooses when they are permitted to climax, have intercourse, and jerk off and how they should acquire their prize. (You can peruse more about what male chastity is here). One of the most difficult parts of the male celibacy wrinkle is finding the right chasity cages or rooster confine.

Watch Male Virtuousness: Cocks On Lockdown

Picking the material

Male celibacy gadgets arrive in various materials. It's critical to pick the material that is best for you. Coming up next are the sorts of materials that your male chastity gadget could be made with:


Cowhide is a well known male virtuousness confine material. Chicken enclosures made from calfskin are gentler and more adaptable than different enclosures. They furnish clients with more solace which can be really great for a simply beginning fledgling to explore different avenues regarding male celibacy. While calfskin celibacy gadgets can be worn for significant stretches of time they should be eliminated when you shower. One more downside of the calfskin male purity confine is that while the plan regularly considers a lot of wind current, in places straightforwardly under the cowhide, which can become sweat-soaked.

Note: Most cowhide male purity confine models remember metal rings for request to shape an enclosure development of some kind. Additionally, calfskin male virtue gadgets take into consideration some degree of masturbation.


Plastic or Polycarbonate male chastity gadgets are light in weight, prudent under garments, and can be worn for a really long time at a time with a decent everyday practice of cleaning and cleanliness. Plastic virtuousness gadgets are great since they limit you more than calfskin ones. A downside is that plastic confines full wind stream which might prompt the penis feeling awkwardly encased in the cylinder or an enclosure. Plastic male celibacy gadgets are effective at confining masturbation. Particularly the ones that are tube-formed.

Metal Chastity Cage:

Numerous male virtue metal chastity cages are accessible in a wide range of metals. Treated Steel is awesome and most well known material and 316 Tempered Steel is a similar grade as utilized by the clinical calling, meaning it's clean and body cordial. Metal gadgets offer a more extraordinary feeling of constrainment and security. They are heavier than then plastic gadgets, yet some penis-proprietors partake in the load as a sign of their key holder. Metal rooster confines are safer, and that implies they are undeniably more hard to break into. While this can add to the fervor, it likewise adds to the requirement for additional precautionary measures to be set up.


The upside of silicone is that it rapidly warms to your internal heat level and is undeniably more adaptable than some other material. A few plans are given separate back rings, while others are a one-piece part made with the ring joined to the cylinder. All silicone male purity gadgets are lighter than even plastic gadgets.

Taking Estimations for Your Male Virtue Gadget

While your male chastity device ought not be all around as agreeable as your #1 sets of night robe it requirements to fit appropriately with the goal that you try not to rankle and removing course to the penis. A purity enclosure ought to be cozy enough not to take into consideration an erection.

A modesty confine is worked with a ring that circumvents both the balls and the penis. In this way, estimating for a purity confine is pivotal. Furthermore, the enclosure is intended to encase the penis, from base to tip, with just a little room as far as possible around the shaft for wind current. Subsequently, with the right virtuousness confine measuring, you ought to have the option to pee and approach your day. Be that as it may, you ought not be ready to accomplish an erection. What modesty confine size you purchase relies upon 2 virtuousness confine estimations; the actual enclosure and the ring. Subsequently, you will quantify your penis length and size to get the ideal virtuousness confine fit.

Estimating for Ring Size

To start with, ensure you are limp. Then, bring the string behind your balls close to your body and over-top the highest point of where the shaft of your chicken meets your body and tie a bunch. Ensure the bunch isn't excessively close. You ought to have the option to slip your pinky finger under the string with little opposition. Then, when you're certain the string is agreeable, leave an imprint on one side of the bunch with a marker. Then, painstakingly cut the string at the line you drew. At long last, lay the string level on the ruler, with the bunch toward the end.

This is the perimeter. To get your male purity confine ring size, partition that number by 3.14 (pi) and you will have the estimation you want.

Estimating for the Enclosure

To gauge for the size of the enclosure, begin by estimating for the purity confine length. Keep in mind, you believe no room should accomplish an erection. Once more, be certain your penis is totally limp.

Place a ruler under your penis, over your balls, and press it against your pubic bone. Take the length of your penis and add ¼ to 1/2" to that estimation. Presently you have the length.

At long last, you really want to quantify the size of your penis. With your penis limp, find the thickest piece of your shaft which can be the center or significantly nearer to the organs.

Then, as you did with the ring estimation, utilize a piece of string to fold over the thickest piece of your penis. Tie a free bunch, ensuring you can without much of a stretch slip your index finger under the string. Presently, mark the string on one side of the bunch and slide it off your penis prior to clipping the string with scissors. Lay the string on the ruler, with the bunch at the top and take that number and gap it by pi (3.14) and you'll have the width you want to guarantee the most secure virtuousness confine fit.

          Styles of Male Virtuousness Gadgets

There are different styles of male virtuousness gadgets for you to browse. Beneath I've recorded only a couple to kick you off.

Sissy celibacy confine:

 these are ordinarily little and embarrassing for the wearer intentionally.

Vibrating celibacy confine:

These enclosures accompany the capacity to add vibration

Saddle purity confine with lashes:

 The virtuousness bridle carries the male celibacy gadget nearer to the wearer's body.

Regardless of key locks:

 While numerous virtue confines accompany a lock for the keyholder to keep, others don't.

Preparing virtue packs and sets:

You can prepare to wear a more modest virtuousness confine over the long run. Male celibacy packs come in various sizes that permit you to estimate down over the long run.

Stub modesty confine:

 This is a minuscule virtue confine that packs your penis in an extremely bound space.

Charming virtue confine:

This regularly alludes to pink or purple celibacy enclosures of more modest sizes.

Discrete purity confine:

These enclosures are intended for long haul, public wearing. These enclosures don't make commotion nor do they show the irregularity under apparel.

BDSM confines:

These incorporate enclosures with spikes and bolts, rooster confines with dilators and urethral catheters, and an even can give electric shocks.

Confines with butt plugs:

 Some rooster confines have a coordinated butt plug.

Completely encased rooster confine:

 Completely encased chicken enclosures are tube-like however many have a hold with the end goal of pee and to forestall dampness development.